The liquor ammonia is clear and colourless. The table shows Specification of Liquor Ammonia Commercial Grade 23-25%.

Description A clear, colourless liquid, odour strongly Pungent and characteristic.
Assay Content of Ammonia (NH3) = 25.00% w/w. min.
Residue on evaporation 0.044 % w/v.
Content of oil 0.008 % w/v.
Non Volatile Matter 0.02 % W/W Max./td>
Chloride as Cl 0.005% W/W Max.
Sulphate as So4 NIL
Phosphate Po4 NIL
Copper as Cu 0.00008% W/W Max
Iron as Fe 0.0002% W/W Max
Arsenic as As NIL
Food Chemicals Codex Test (Readily Oxidisable Substance) Complies
Lead Less Than 0.5 PPM ( by AAS) [ Limit : as per FCC IV heavy metals as Lead not more thatn 5 PPM]
Sodium as Na 0.0181% Max ( By Flame photometry)
Calcium as Ca 0.0077% ( By Flamephotometry)
Magnesium as Mg 0.00067% ( By AAS)